Unfortunately, I have had a lot of trouble with the website, I have opened it up so people can look at the images I could upload. If you wish to purchase any prints please screenshot the image or send me a list of the image names and I will send you a digital copy of the print to print at your preferred printer.

Opening Dance Hollywood

Dance 2 Mermaids

Dance3 Circus

Dance 4 Sing

Dance 5 Tea Party

Dance 6 Frozen

Dance 7 The Voice

Dance 8 Lady Marmalade

Dance 9 Bare Necessities

Dance 10 Footloose

Dance 11 Gatsby

Dance 12 Men in Black

Dance 13 Minions

Dance 14 Beetle Juice

Dance 15 Friend like me

Dance 16 Money

Dance 17 Musical Theatre

Dance 18 See the light

Dance 19 S & D the prom

Dance 20 Moama

Dance 21 Happy Feet

Dance 22 Hunger Games

Dance 23 Pink Panther

Dance 24 Child Listen

Dance 25 Decedents

Dance 26 Saturday night fever

Dance 27 Born to be alive

Dance 28 Titanic

Dance 29 Senior Hip hop

Dance 30 Step up

Dance 31 Finale

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