Friday Night Show Case
Senior Jazz Class – Barbie Girl
Baby Ballerinas – Baby Shark
Intermediate Jazz Class – Toy Solider
Senior B Hip Hop – Bootylicious
Kinder Dance – Locomotion
Senior Tap Troupe – Anything Goes
Under 12 A Jazz Troupe – Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
Junior c Jazz Monday – Crazy Frog
Under 14 Tap Troupe – Putting on the Ritz
Under 123b Lyrical Trope – Rise up
Junior C Wednesday – Jump for my Love
Senior Song and Dance – Im gonna Wash that man right our of my hair
Under 14 Jazz Troupe – Kings and Queens
Junior B Wednesday – Cant stop this feeling
Senior Lyrical Troupe – You will be found
Under 12 Song and Dance – wouldn’t it be lovely
Junior B Monday – Cut to the Feeling
Senior/ Advanced Contemporary – Dolls
Under 12 A Lyrical – Million Dreams
Junior A and boys hip hop – Party Rock Anthem
Advanced Jazz – Rhythm Nation
Senior A Hip Hop – Rich Girl

Saturday Night Troupe Showcase

Senior Jazz Class Item: Barbie Girl
Under 8A Neo Troupe: Whole New World
Under 12B Jazz Troupe: Born to Be Alive
Senior B Jazz Troupe: Bettlejuice
Under 8B Jazz Troupe: Wizard Of Oz
• Intermediate Jazz Class Item: Toy Solider
Senior B Hip Hop Troupe: Bootylicious
Senior National Troupe: Belarusian
Under 12A Jazz Troupe: Snow Whiteand the 7 Dwarves
Junior 8A Classical Troupe: Baby Pink Tutus
• Under 14 Tap Troupe: Putting On The Ritz
Under 12B Lyrical Troupe: Rise Up
Under 12A Tap Troupe: Good Morning
Under 10B Jazz Troupe: Disco 70s
• Senior Song and Dance Troupe: I’m GonnaWash That Man Right Out Of My Hair

• Senior B Contemporary Troupe: Hearts A Mess
• Under 10A Song and Dance Troupe: Skimbleshanks
Under 14 Jazz Troupe: Kings and Queens
Under 8A Tap Troupe: Candyman
Senior Tap Troupe: Anything Goes
Under 10A Jazz Troupe: Future Husband
Under 14 Hip Hop Troupe: Run DMC
Under 8B Neo Troupe: When We’re Together
Under 12A Hip Hop Troupe: Party Rock
Senior Lyrical Troupe: You Will Be Found
Under 12 Song and Dance Troupe: Wouldn’t It Be Lovely
Under 8A Jazz Troupe: Afro Circus
Senior/Advanced Contemporary Item: Dolls
Under 10A Classical Troupe: Rose Pink Tutus
Under 10B Neo Troupe: Not While I’m Around
Advanced Jazz Item:Rhythm Nation
Under 10A Lyrical Troupe: The Rose
Senior A Hip Hop Troupe: Rich Girl & Suprise Item

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